These 5 Habits Are Making Your Life Miserable

Everyone is looking for the perfect life and for daily happiness. But, few of us are aware of the fact that we are our own barrier in reaching happiness. Do you know how much energy and time we spend by thinking what others may think of us or our actions? Loads of time! We also spend a lot of time we spend in daydreaming or thinking about events that could have happened but they didn’t.No one can be happy forever or every day, but with a little effort we can reduce some bad thinking habits and establish a new way of thinking. This way, we can reach a stable emotional situation and avoid negative emotions.

Happiness is comprised of our way of living, our expectations, our fears, our borders and our hopes. If we can reduce from our daily life the below listed habits, we will reach a new level or inner peace and maybe we will be closer to happiness:1. Don’t take into consideration the rumors you hear about yourself – Rumors are most of the time exaggerated or not true, so why care about what others say about you?2. Stop being so insecure – You are unique, because everyone on Earth has a unique fingerprint and this means that you should accept this fact and unleash your full potential, whenever and wherever you may find yourself.3. Don’t worry about little things. – Life goes on! Don’t be obsessed by little things or details, sometimes we have to see the big picture and count our blessings.4. You will not always be right – Opinions are relative, what is good for you can be bad for another one. Don’t take discussions too serious.5. Stop trying to control everything – We are prey of circumstances, you can’t control everything.THE SECRET OF HAPPINESS? TRAVEL
A study conducted by, including 17000 people from 17 different countries shows interesting insights and statistics about the travel industry.

¾ of the world’s population that has average annual income book a trip at least once a year. Vacations can increase your happiness and reduce your stress levels. In the study conducted by, 49% of the people said that they have felt happier while traveling than the day they got married. In turn, 51% of the study’s recipients said that they would better travel than go out with their partners. 77% of the people say they book travel programs to feel happier. 7 out of 10 people think that the best time of their life is when they are traveling.